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Teen Coaching

Is your child underachieving at school?
Is your child finding it hard to make friends, fit-in, or settle?
Is your child finding it hard to stay focused?
Is your child facing issues of bullying or peer group rejection?
Is your child not sure what direction to take?

 Teenage years can be daunting. It’s the weird age to be where an individual is neither a child nor an adult. They understand things and are learning rapidly yet fail to prioritise emotions and are vulnerable to their urges. A lot changes in these years once a person hits the mark of thirteen. 

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At the same time, a lot happens on the personal and professional ground where the formation of an individual starts to take place and suddenly, questions like what do you want to be when you grow up become a part of a plan instead of being a dream. No one can comprehend what a person faces during their teenage years, yet everyone has to go through it. The young individuals go through the weight of their expectations and peer pressure, and parental expectations in an endlessly competitive environment.


Not every teenager is the same; everyone has different needs. Some deal with anxiety due to extreme stress and need an anxiety coach to understand their development, their triggers, and why. As adults, we’re often oblivious to such emotional needs and concerns teenagers might have. We think of their requirements through a materialistic lens and fail to recognise that their esteem, confidence, and self-worth are also building. They might not be able to share their problems with you as they might not have labels for those, and you need to be a better communicator as a parent. Guide them through and seek a teenage life coach who will add professional aid to the journey of teenagers, and your child will not feel left out. 


Adolescent years can be painful and confusing. I remember my own teen years. Dipping into turbulent waters, peer pressure, family traumas, lack of confidence, exams, stress, anxiety, self esteem and deciding what direction to take in life. I can only imagine how much easier life would have been if I had the right sort of guidance.

As a teacher and at one time a teen, I have had first hand experience of the issues students grapple with. I offer professional support for students that can be delivered through small groups, workshops, individual coaching or a combination of all three. The right support to allow teenagers to be really be heard, to share their fears and concerns, to develop confidence, sort out their own problems, and achieve their potential. The aim is to achieve long-term, lasting change that will serve them for the rest of their lives. I use evidence-based strategies to help young people figure out:

What They Most Want

This is something not teenagers are aware of. They do not understand themselves very well and lack comprehension of how their surrounding has affected them. Through communication with an anxiety coach or a teenage life coach, they can identify their personal needs, including social, emotional, and individual needs. Teenagers can understand what they seek from relationships and how their current relations have affected their lives and what they will need in the future. ​​​​

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What’s Blocking Them

Previously, if we discussed how an individual needs an anxiety coach or a teenage life coach, this part of the communication would allow them to understand what causes stress and anxiety. The fear that prevents them from chasing their dreams by optimising their true potential can be identified, and working with a life coach will guide them through such issues.

How They Can Overcome Blocks And Create A Fulfilling Life

Once a goal is set, and obstacles or triggers that cause hindrance between individuals and their purpose are identified, the immediate step is to take measures that will allow them to overcome fears and take charge of their life the way they expect to. Once they know how to deal with the hurdle, they will be working on it step by step to form a life they wish to have.

Benefits Include:

  • Increased Self-Belief

         They will learn to understand better themselves and their environment with a teenage life coach or an anxiety coach. Hence, they will                learn to have faith in themselves and their potential.

  • Raised Aspirations

         A teenage life coach and anxiety coach will identify their triggers and understand what creates self-doubt and fear. This will lead to                     them losing their inhibitions and seizing opportunities, and dreaming big.​​

  • Greater Focus

         With less doubt and better comprehension of the self, they will have improved focus on their set goals.​

  •  Personal Responsibility

        Here, teenagers will learn to take the initiative, and with their initiative, they will be happy to shoulder the                          responsibility of their vision.

My role is to guide students to reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.


I also provide emotional Intelligence classes based on the 7 Habits of Effective Teenagers by Sean Covey.


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