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Life Coaching

Sometimes we hold a map in our hands but we don’t know how to read it without a guide . There are so many diversions but we often cannot decide or know what route to take.

A Life Coach is your tracking system to find the answers within yourself and choose a path that fits you.

Have you felt your life has no meaning or purpose and are searching?

Do you have a dream or goal but you make excuses to follow through with them because of fear or lack of daring?

Have you ever felt stuck and indecisive unable to make the best decision for yourself?

Are you at a cross roads in your life?

Are there upcoming changes or transitions?

Have you left your job, your partner or have moved to a new city?

Are you trying to build a new habit or routine?

Are there any areas in your life that need improving?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, Life Coaching is for you.

My role is to provide you with someone you can trust to sift through the challenges big or small that you may be dealing with and listen without judgement or bias. Provide a third party perspective, empathy, encouragement and support by focusing solely on you in our sessions together as I guide you to find the answers within yourself.

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My name is Farhaana, and I am a life coach in Dubai. Coaching is my passion. Whether you are in the process of transitioning out of your career, struggling to find love, or can't catch a break when it comes to your finances, I can help you develop skills to turn your challenges into opportunities.

Farhaana works with people to identify their goals and objectives and then inspires them to achieve these goals. The system she has developed helps the people she works with identify thoughts and habits that stand in their way. She allows them to set up plans to achieve these goals and finally maintain the results once completed, making her the best life coach in Dubai.

Know The Program

How does a coaching engagement with Coach Farhaana begin? It is with a conversation and a connection. Maybe there is a challenge in your life, and you want it removed. Perhaps you want to grow and expand. Or maybe you just want to check out what the world of coaching has to offer. Whatever brings you to the table, I will open the door for you and offer space to grow in ways that matter most right now.

Significant Connection is a program for several reasons. First, it can help you choose what areas of your life to focus on because it recognises the power of focusing on personal development. Second, it Helps provide meaningful insights and empowering exercises. In addition to this free program, there are also options for you to work with Farhaana in person or virtually for a more personalised approach.

Coach Farhaana's approach to life coaching services is based on helping you use your strengths and talents as she provides simple knowledge and tools for you to achieve your goals. She helps her clients to strengthen their resilience, identity and purpose. Farhaana also helps them learn how to transform their limiting beliefs and fears into possibilities and opportunities; and weaves this transformation by using conversations, reflective practices and coaching sessions. As a life coach in Abu Dhabi, Coach Farhaana creates customised programs for each client depending on their specific needs.

What Do We Offer?

We at Significant Connection provide the highest quality life coaching services with a flexible and practical approach to help individuals achieve their goals of significant life improvement. We assist individuals in developing relationships, career success, family matters, and behavioural change. We keep our prices competitive and our service second to none.

Farhaana helps the women to dissolve the relationship blocks and challenges they are going through. She helps them regain their balance, direction and sense of self. Farhaana encourages accuracy and helps overcome limitations by understanding the needs and taking a step closer towards inner growth. Her approach is practical as she will inspire you to write values that you hold dear, values that truly matter to your heart. She takes you from being lost in the world of confusion to regain your path as you move into a new realm of clarity.

Coaching For Young Adults

Farhaana is a successful life coach for young adults in Abu Dhabi. With Significant Connection, she's able to connect with her clients in an entirely new way. She can meet them in person, take calls when they need her most, and provide resources instantly.

Significant Connection offers life coaching services for young adults, teaching them how to live meaningful lives, improve their social lives and careers, and gain greater perspective in dealing with issues they may be facing.

Significant Connection with Coach Farhaana is a transformational life coaching service that will help you put your best foot forward and find clarity and direction through the process. Curated for your specific needs and goals, the coaching sessions will be customised based on your needs. Our certified life coaching services will then create a plan specifically for you.

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