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About Me

My own journey, though by no means over, is a transformational journey in itself.

I started out with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications (Public Relations) and I was very lucky to get a senior position as Communications Officer for a Non -Governmental Organisation called Marys Meals at the tender age of 22. I was thrown in the deep end and very much out my comfort zone. Having to create the department from scratch and host meetings and events with my seniors . I was fortunate to help with fundraising, and share stories of children in need in the field. However, within a couple of years I was burning out because of the stress and pressure of perfectionism that I put on myself. It just wasn't enough.

I wanted to continue serving in some small way so I decided to acquire my Post Graduate in Education and I was blessed to work as a teacher and have had first hand experience of the numerous issues students experience. However, I still felt I hadn’t found my calling and wasn’t having the impact I wanted to have. It just wasn't enough. At the same time I was dealing with loss, frustrations and a few personal setbacks.

Coaching had an immense impact on my own personal transformational journey with its fluctuating ups and downs. Becoming aware of who I am and my life’s purpose brought so much peace to my being and actions. The more I work on honouring who I am and my purpose to help others find clarity in themselves and their purpose the more it allows my soul to glow from within.

I decided to pursue becoming a licensed coach and guiding others to find the serenity within themselves. I quickly realised I have found my purpose and passion in life. After investing and continuing to invest in my own personal development. I find that dealing with our challenges allows one to grow and find their authentic self.

Being an intuitive and fierce life, relationship and teen coach, I blend my coaching skills and tools with life experiences. As a passionate coach, I build rapport, hold accountability, and create a safe haven to champion my clients, deepen their knowledge and forward momentum through resonant self choice allowing for transformative change.

It is my purpose to see the uniqueness in you and to empower you to bring that forth in your life, into the world.

Enough about me, Now I want to know all about you. I’m excited to take part in your success journey starting with the relationship with yourself. I know you believe in yourself and that there is so much more within you.

Much love and blessings,

Farhaana xx

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